Moroccan Furniture Spain

Moroccan Furniture Spain

 The Sierra Nevada Project, Andalucia

The commission for this property in the Alpujarra region of Andalucia, came through in the Spring of 2014 and the client wanted us to create a Moroccan feel to his house. The large house was in need of renovation anyway and also all the old furniture needed completely updating with Moroccan style furniture.

This was a challenging project, as it was not just choosing the furnishings but hiring trusted carpenters, painters and builders who could carry out this extensive work to our exacting high standards.

After sketching ideas down, finding the best Moroccan craftsmen, choosing fabrics, lamps, rugs and decor in the Median of Tangier and the souls of Marrakech we took all this the owner of the Villa.

After having all our ideas for building works, furniture and fittings were quickly approved by the owner we and our builders started work in the Summer of 2014.

These are some of the beautiful plaster friezes we chose to use on the project, as decoration or arabic style openings between rooms. Mosaic tables are a must have and skilled artisans can make the most intricate stunning patterns and colours.


We spent days and weeks sourcing the right shape, the right texture and the right colours of the decorations we wanted for the finishing touches, as it is these smaller items which enhance the feel to a room and bring an enchanting, warm look of Moroccan interior design and a delightful and captivating style for your home.



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