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Moroccan Furniture Spain

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We offer 3 great furniture packages, the Classic Moroccan Pack, Luxury Moroccan Pack and also a Contemporary Furniture Pack. Prices range from €7,900 for a Contemporary & Classic Moroccan Pack up to €15,699 for the Luxury Moroccan Pack, installed in a 3 bed apartment.

The Moroccan style is very popular with property owners in Spain recently, who are looking for something out of the ordinary and exotic.The choice of  style and materials is immense, with quality handcrafted bespoke  furniture accompanied by stunning modern fabrics.

Both Moroccan collections can provide you with everything you will need for your property, including white goods and electrical items and
the stylish furniture of the Contemporary collection will provide all you will need for a modern home in Spain. The Moroccan collections include authentic Moroccan handcrafted sofas with quality upholstery and solid wood base. Made specifically in  sizes to fit your property perfectly in the colours of your choice.
These furnishing styles, Contemporary and Moroccan, are totally interchangeable, so if you require a contemporary living room and a luxurious Moroccan master bedroom we are able to quote you accordingly.

For more information and prices relating to the various furniture packages, click on the following links:

Contemporary Furniture Package, starting from €7,900 >>>>>>

Classic Moroccan Furniture Package, starting from €8,185  >>>>>>

Luxury Moroccan Furniture Package starting from €9,447 >>>>>>

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